Philosophy of a madman.

Crave the perfect partner in an imperfect world so you will end up paying dearly.You will pay for your age and wrinkles gathered from soul. Trust me! There will come a time when fear of loneliness will include easy way, you will keep feeling constantly drop out and eventually you get to snuggle in a soul that does not love him. You will lie love,you will lie kissing, you lie hugging, will live with the frustration shoulders and fall asleep next to her every night. Do not look for perfection dear, it does not exist! Do not select people who come into your life for the kinds of principles or morals own! Give them a chance. You\’ll never find a man values ​​if you do not know enough, moreover, do not judge! There are people as simple as it is valuable, waiting to be discovered! Find them, appreciate them and love them!


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