Some thoughts

 “I LOVE YOU !!”… Who said it and how many times? I and so many people utter them so easily and quickly … vows and empty words, uttered just when you need them … “I can not live without you !!”… how long this feeling? One month … a year, or until the heart is “click” on a beautiful girl, an athletic body in may, or compelling a person’s intelligence. Why we play with emotion of the moment that will last a lifetime anyway?? And why can not we be honest and recognize that we too quickly people forget what I felt yesterday?? “I love you” … three words that should tell them less often and they feel more and forever … so until after all, a heart is one that shows us clearly and without words, truth a love!

  “Love has no time …are any time,
occur anytime, anywhere and in the most wonderful and amazing ways … When love is born, time stops for those who love … stop so much that they wake gray, wrinkled, with children and grandchildren, and love is still there … in their eyes, the smiles in gestures, in … souls.   

   Time keeps them and they constructed an album of memories … it draws smiles and glances over their brows with wreaths covering the full years of failures, withdrawals, tears and smiles … but always accepted easily overcome and that love was always present ….


7 responses to “Some thoughts

  1. Iubirea este unul dintre cele mai complexe si dificile procese din lumea asta, cat despre cat tine, cand te indragostesi nu este tot una cu a iubi, doar activezi prea multi hormoni si esti cu capul in nori, nu gandesti la prea multe, iubirea este ceea ce urmeaza, implica acceptare si negare si este imposibila fara compromisuri, nu tine deloc mult daca nu stii sau nu vrei sa o intreti!, poate ajunge usor in monotonie si continuitate doar din teama de a nu ramane singur sau de a nu gasi pe altcineva potrivit sau se transforma aproape instant in ura cand ai crezut prea mult in ea si ai primit exact opusul…
    Asa cum pentru uni “dureros de dulce” (Eminescu, Oda in metru antic, 1883) sunt doua cuvinte opuse care nu se leaga asa uni nu pot sa inteleaga iubirea si ceea ce implica, nu poti avea iubire fara sacrifici, fara sa lasi de la tine, de mult ori mandria, orgoliul, prostia ne priveaza de iubire pentru ca suntem prea naivi sa vedem/simti armonia care o ai atunci cand iubesti si esti iubit fata de alte rezultate cant te prefaci ca iubesti si accepti pe cineva doar de a nu fi singur, de a te culca cu cineva, etc…, cand in gand ai o gramada de nemultumiri care nu le spui direct dar cu timpul le spui prin cuvinte si fapte, iar rezultatul numai armonie nu mai este! (pentru “dureros de dulce” pot scrie un roman cred).

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