to note

… Taste the love, to the last drop … even if it ends, even if eat you, even if feelings are not as strong as at first taste it until the last drop, always waiting to be reborn , waiting to give you the next second, what does it better! … nothing lasts forever, but never repeat the mistake of not living the moment ! In love, every time is different, every date is the first time … you’ll never feel the same, for the next will always be different …
    In love, you feel all the time that step, as hot asphalt, are in love you lose, you are reinventing … love threads that start as small water and turn into rivers … is love that transforms everything, in anything … but never say ‘No”to love, only fear, the not hurt … wounds can be the sweetest memories …
   A person does not need much to be happy, just a little, but at the right time!

   Tomorrow begins a new day … will be again the same way that continues to browse … but still do not know where it ends … or what you find at the end of.


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