to note

Earth is covered with shards …
They broke the gates of heaven, angels fell and broke into thousands of pieces!
Why ?
Because the distance from heaven to earth is too big even for angels …..
Why ?
Because nothing is quite close
Why ?
As always hoping … not to be happy again
Why ?
Because reality is never as beautiful as the dreams you made him  …
Why ?
Because the world is not “imperfect” but simply bad
Why ?
You will not understand …
Why ?
For the good do not understand the evil … the world has become worse because of evil.A one was enough seed of evil for her to stretch across the land …
Because evil is a weed, grows everywhere, without needing help and never dies.
Because only the good will overcome evil stories …
Because imagination is the only place where good people … good people bad beat never stops dreaming
Or they would die ……
Consciousness final victory of evil kill
Yes … Why?
I do not know, I know nothing … including thoughts revolve, blend desperately seeking something …. but do not know what are .. find it .. but it nothing.i born and die each moment.iwant everything. . but I do not know what I do not understand why …. i want.standing still but slipping in part of my soul must be born again …. some ….. I’m tired of everything …. too much, but I get nothing, I do not get me . a time of “why?” answer is “not know”
How are you?
My ?
Yes.Te’re among good people or bad?
I …. I try to get through the bad ….
To not hurt …




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